60 Albery Meaford

I am a buyers agent without a doubt. I do a majority of my transactions in a year as a buyer agent. Why? Most likely the discovery process  and interaction between myself and the buyer. I love the inquisitive questions needed to find that appropriate property that will fulfill their needs. I am not about pushing a deal that wont work. I have hard assed well educated home inspectors that will find the issues in the building and explain the options and repairs that maybe needed in the future. This is all about the buyer.

60 Albery Crt Meaford Ontario

These two first home buyers were no exception. Both well educated locals excellent jobs trying to get into a housing market that as we all know is not that hospitable. We first got their financing in order, well not we…. I did give them a few alternatives and after interviewing they went with Karen Fritz from Centum mortgage brokers in Collingwood. Karen is button up effcient., knows the industry and helps assure these buyers would not be house poor IE able to afford a dinner out, a hidden bill or a new car etc. We viewed a number of homes in Thornbury, Meaford and the Beaver Valley and set our sites on this lovely home in Meaford.

The selling Brokerage was represented by Dave Loucks From Royal LePage Locations North. You could not get a more reputable sales representative. On our initial viewing, The buyers and I went to the basement to look at the mechanical area, see if there was a sump pump or any issues. The lower level can show how well a building is constructed and more importantly maintained. I noticed that the plumber had utilized Kitec parts which have had numerous concerns regarding leaking joints. Read my detailed report here. Ultimately this can be catastrophic, if failure in the upper level washroom and left leaking for an eight hour work day.

Upon discovery I let Dave know about the issue. Dave explained the issue to his seller. His clients were on the repairs immediately, even before my buyers were fully engaged in the home. I love working with an agent that acknowledges a situation and comes to the table to solve the concern what a delight.

The couple were delighted with the home. We put forward an offer with an ideal closing, financing and a home inspection. The financing went perfectly and the home inspection had no surprises. We now have Happy Buyers and Sellers and a great Colleague who I always look forward to working with to get the deal completed.


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