I am in the process of listing a Healthy new home 96 Gordon Cres in Meaford Ontario. The home was built by Third Line Homes. The materials used DURISOL or NEXCEM to build the outside structure are  mold resistant, toxin free, breathable and will give a superior air quality to conventional construction methods.

.96 Gordon Court Full Resolution 026 healthy home looks like

Today’s buildings are generally constructed  with 2″ x 6″ wood walls filled with insulation, taped sealed plastic is installed on the interior side of the structure.  Drywall is then screwed taped and mudded on the interior sealed walls. On the exterior side of all new  buildings TYPAR or TYVEC rap is stapled and taped at the seams then  a brick, wood or other exterior cladding is installed on the outside. The  rap material allows for the home to breathe as well the material has a moisture wicking ability. Thus draining potential moisture away from the interior building materials.

durisol and typar

Conventional homes due to the installation of the interior plastic or vapour barrier does not breathe. Thus the need for a working air exchanger on a forced air furnace is advisable. Did you realize during the winter months when your home is closed up (windows and doors) to prevent heat loss, the vapour barrier and interior finish if allowed to get damp can promote the growth of microbes which could in turn be mould. It is most important to assure your air exchanger is operable when ever your home is closed even during the summer when the A/C is running. I would also like to suggest during the summer season a dehumidifier runs at all times in the lower level of your home to assure dampness is removed. In my opinion most dampness issues could be prevented with the appropriate preventive steps in place.



Interesting fact is that this subdivision on Gordon Crescent in Meaford have all received the stamp of approval form Mike Holmes team and are Holmes Approved Homes

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