Home inspections at this point are still unregulated, these are the firms I have worked with and understand the building envelope due to their expertise and knowledge I  recommend the use of their services. When choosing a firm make sure you look at their resume, do they have an engineering background? or  worked  in the trades or have they passed the course. Believe me you don’t want a past retail manager who has no background telling you to purchase or not purchase a property. You need a company that will explain the building envelope and the potential issues that may come up in the future.

Craigleith Home inspection  705 446 2209 Jim Ross  also teaches home inspection at the local college WETT certified for Fire places

 Amerispec Glenn Diltz 1888 516 8337 A very thorough team. They do full building inspections including WETT, water and septic inspections

Safe Homes Canada Andrew Christie specializes in century homes  705 791 4965 


 Brick House Darcy Macleod 705 888 6449  Has lots of the newest toys and very button down. WETT certified for Fire places 

Garbut Construction mold inspection  Well known through out the industry for the repair of water damage and mold remediation and asbestos removal
Breatheasy Robert is a air quality specialist!

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