People put up fences for all kinds of reasons. Nosy neighbours in my case dogs that like to wander. Why does your yard need a fence? There are numerous types to create that physical barrier for privacy containment etc. Why not a cedar hedge? On has to look at long term value as you will sell your home at some point.

Thornbury Ontario

Thornbury Ontario

First you need to consider what your motivations for constructing a fence. This will dictate how to proceed with your project. Is it for privacy, possibly a hedge may work better. Are you  trying to stake out your property boundaries? Well the types are endless, from the country farm fence,page wire to the delicate picket fence or ornate iron style.

What are your circumstances for needing a fence?

Is it for containment of kids or pets? is it to keep predators out? for example deer, you may have to build a fence that is at least 7-8′ high as they jump.

The “why” you need fencing should really influence “what” fencing you choose. From stones to wood to metal to vinyl fencing. The local building supply has numerous ideas.

Real Estate in the Blue Mountains

Real Estate in the Blue Mountains

The costs of fencing

You might want the most beautiful fence in the world, but it becomes a very expensive proposition. It’s important to know what kind of budget you have in mind before you get started.

Real Estate in Thornbury

Real Estate in Thornbury

As you can see from the above example, all of this material was taken from a torn down barn but it looks quite appropriate for the back drop of a hot tub. Either way, you’ve got to crunch the numbers before you proceed. Get prices on a few different approaches, just like you would for any other project. This will keep your honey and your bank account happy.

Fencing pays off

When you’re committing to your fencing project, it’s strongly advised that you don’t take the cheap route. Look for a long-lasting installation, I know orange snow fence contains the kids and dog but not much curb appeal as well it does degrade in the sun. More importantly it will make your property much more appealing to potential buyers when it comes to selling your home in the years ahead.

For pet-owners, parents children and even families caring for an elderly relative, having that fence can bring a lot of peace of mind. If you purchase a style that can be mended or patched in places when it’s required, it’ll make upkeep easier and you can make some value-adding upgrades before you sell your home.

Words of advice

If you’re doing your own fence, you’ll want to measure twice cut once, because materials are costly. Also beer is for after the job is completed for the day. If you’re getting a professionally installed fence, make sure you get quotes and references for those providing estimates. Make sure you get a warranty and see if there are any clients from the contractors past that you can visit to see how the fencing is holding up after a few winters.

Good luck, with the warm weather its the season to get at it.


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