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My wife and I have been recycling for years. We have always been conscious of the use of plastics and the waste our society creates on a daily basis. I have a background in Horticulture and have always disliked the waste and lack of concern for our environment. Yes don’t get me going about Bill 66 and Ford Nation and the lack of concern for province.  1

Over the past couple of years we made a promise to ourselves  to reduce our spending on throw away products. IE we stay out of $ stores, stay ways from products that won’t last and most importantly we try to support products that are created locally or better yet from a company or person we know! Yup some products are just impossible for example food, but we do get local milk, eggs, wine and beer. I have yet to find a good Ramen but TESORO make fantastic Gnocchi and fresh pasta. Sorry I love food which make sense my wife owns a cheese shop.


Our newest find is Livinlove. Jill the proprietor, has over 20 years in the clothing alteration business and fashion industry.  Honestly she is an artist. We have brought numerous articles to be upcycled (love that word) so we are not forced to throw into a landfill. For example I have a pair of brogue Blunstones and the back strap that you use to pull the boots on was no longer attached rendering the boots in my opinion useless. I took them back to the retailer and also emailed Blundstone They stated bring them to a shoe repair shop. “We will pay for the repair”. If any have you have tried to use the Collingwood shoe repair guy don’t !!!!  it’s  a total waste of time,  the guy is never there and posts no hours. I guess he’s retired and doesn’t need the $$$. Anyway all repaired and no landfill. We have taken numerous shirts, pants and jackets anything that you can  extend the life is great in my opinion.



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