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Happy Clients   It so much fun to work with happy clients who understand to get a task completed sometimes you have to let things ride and wait for the market to materialize. In our local housing market (The Blue Mountains, Thornbury and Clarksburg area) has been robust and very active but not anything like Toronto and the GTA. We are in a four season lifestyle market. Good paying jobs are scarce, most young buyers will have to consider a long commute or become entrepreneurial and create their job and wealth. Well these sellers (not all shown) were very happy that a deal came along that ticked all the factors. Now off to purchase their first home. Exciting times!  
Happy Clients
Dear Brendan, Overall, I’m not sure exactly how to describe your professionalism, enjoyment in your activities, and work ethics in a mere couple of sentences. You possess a character trait that has become so rare in today’s society. You listen before you speak. You solve issues before you apply. Turn the normal tribulations into fun. And you never stop putting your client’s best interest at heart. Thank you for the efforts and time you’ve placed in ensuring that we sold and found our dream home. I know will always appreciate your commitment to excellence and your desire to help. It’s comforting to know that I could always count on you for some honest advice.
Sheri McHardy